2019-2020 Board Positions


Board Nominations have begun for the 2019-2020 year. We have had some nominees already put their names in but we still have some vacancies. Board positions are crucial for getting our CEs together, bridging community events, and engaging members. To be considered for any of the board positions below, email Kym Whitehead at kym1rdh@gmail.com to nominate yourself. You must be an ADHA member and able to invest time for at least 2 meetings per year.

Positions available:

11.2. President-Elect
To be in charge of revisions and distribution of the Policy and Procedure Manual of this Association.

Vice President
Shall be the program chairperson for all regular meetings of the Society.
Shall be the chairman of Continuing Education programs sponsored by the Association.
To preside at Board meetings and regular meetings in the absence of the President.

Shall serve as the recording and corresponding Secretary of the Association at regular and special sessions of the Association as well as at sessions of the Board of Directors.
Submit annual report of all actions taken by the Board of Directors and the Association.

Shall serve as Budget and Finance Chairperson
Shall serve as Custodian of all monies and securities belonging to this Association. To receive, disburse and hold the same.  Keep and maintain records according to an acceptable accounting procedures.
Shall maintain an accurate and complete roster.
Shall submit all name and address changes to the TDHA Treasurer, and the Membership Committee Chairperson.
Maintain and monitor 501(c)(6) status.
Monitor credit card possession, expenses and payments.
Review signature authority.

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