Wrap Up!

2018-2019 was a huge success! We built a new website, had some pretty amazing CEs and even more amazing sponsors (looking at you @CloudDentistry.com and @dentalauxiliaryservices!), and we even joined Twitter @atxdha! We still have some tasks ahead of us including finishing out this legislative session. We’re still asking everyone to talk to your dentists and legislators to know that it’s time Texas gets with the times and provide hygienists with the opportunity to learn and give local anesthesia to the patients that need it most. Summer is also the time where we find community service events to participate in. If you know of any volunteering opportunities that we haven’t posted about yet on our community page, let us know, we’d love to promote it! We will be having our first board meeting of the 2019-2020 year this June to start planning dates and speakers for the fall and spring. Once again, thanks for an amazing year!

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