Seeking GADHA Officer Volunteers

Are you interested in an officer position?

You will be contacted by someone in the nominations committee. Elections and Voting occur during the April CE/meeting and Installation occurs in the May CE/meeting

Available Position Descriptions

President-elect: To be in charge of revisions and distribution of the Policy and Procedure Manual of the Association. Must have served a minimum of one term on the board of directors.

Vice-President: Shall be the program chairperson for all regular meetings of the Association. Shall be the chairperson of all continuing education programs sponsored by the Association. To preside Board meetings and regular meetings in the absence of the President.

Secretary: Shall serve as the recording and corresponding secretary of the association at regular and special sessions of the association as well as at sessions of the board of directors. Submit an annual report of all actions taken by the board of directors and the association.

Trustee: Shall serve as liaison officer between the Association and TDHA. To submit to the TDHA house of delegates and TDHA Board of directors an annual report of the activities of the association. Attend TDHA BOD meetings and strategic planning.


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