ACC Summer DH Patients Needed!

Dear GADHA Members,

Austin Community College will be having summer clinics this year. Would you or someone you know like to be a patient for our students this summer before school starts?

We are looking for patients who are periodontally healthy (no periodontal pockets greater than 4mm and no recession) and who visit the DDS regularly. We see children 6 years and older, adolescents, and adults.

ACC follows the CDC guidelines and OSHA recommendations for infection control and have made changes to minimize the spread of COVID-19. We will be screening everyone in the department on a daily basis as well as our patients before they enter the treatment area. Everyone in the department will be wearing masks at all times. This is true for patients too unless they are being worked on. We will be practicing social distancing and are asking patients to show up on time for their appointments rather than early.

To minimize aerosol production we will be hand scaling and not using the air/water syringe, ultrasonic, or polishing teeth.

Fee: $20 for a comprehensive exam, cleaning, and x-rays if you do not already have them.

Time commitment: 3 to 4 appointments (each appt is 3 hours in length)

Days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday  morning and afternoon appointments

If you would like to be a patient this summer you can call (512) 223-5710 to leave a message and your call back number or email Teri Frank at

Thank you for your consideration on behalf of the students, faculty, and staff.

Take care and stay safe.


Kimberly McDougall, RDH, MS First-Year Clinic Coordinator

GADHA President Melissa Vetter has volunteered as a patient mentor since 2016.

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