Ongoing Community Outreach

“We’re proud to have received donations from Crest/Oral B rep Keith Schmidtberger and Allan Periodontics so that we could create free dental hygiene bags to use in community outreach initiatives in the Greater Austin area.  This project was spearheaded by our Community Outreach chairperson, Kym Whitehead.  If you’re a member of GADHA, you can join forces with us to help Austin’s population support and improve their oral health.  Interested?  Check our website for future events, as they unfold.”

Greater Austin Dental Hygienists’ Association Community Outreach Committee

We know COVID-19 has set us back some in diving into our community outreach efforts but together we can think of new ideas on how to keep outreach going strong. Let us know if you have the volunteer bug in you and we can connect you with our outreach chair so we can begin collaborating again to bring smiles out into Austin’s neighborhoods again.

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