Summer Board Meeting Wrap Up

I can’t tell you enough how honored I am to serve as your Austin Trustee! I had a BLAST collaborating with some wonderful, thoughtful, strong, and creative hygienists. If you ever considered becoming more involved in your local component, now is the time! We have an incredible network of hygienists that will support you and guide you and help nurture your professional development –not just as a hygienist, but as a person. *note regarding pictures- I swear we were working most of the time, but I only ever took out the camera during downtimes and group activities!

Legislation – Two important bills affecting hygienists and our patients were passed in the 2021 Legislative session. Please check out this link to learn more about Teledentistry and check out this link to learn more about the STAR+PLUS program which now has one covered preventive dental procedure for disabled adults.

Ways & Means Fundraiser – We have TDHA logo clothing available through Bonfire . Please support our ADHA delegate’s travel expenses by purchasing a shirt or hoodie today! We also have TDHA lapel pins available on our store.

Component Needs Assessment – Your Greater Austin board of directors completed a needs assessment for TDHA to help find solutions to some of issues with outreach, membership, and communications with members. We spent the morning brainstorming and discussing solutions for some common problems within all the components. The executive board has made some action items to complete these solutions as long-lasting resources for components to access. They should be available to our board by early October.

Student Outreach – TDHA Student Representative Elizabeth Turner from Tyler Junior College has created a student-led Facebook Group for current Texas dental hygiene students. We should encourage all current Austin Community College students to join.

Community Outreach – Remote Area Medical (RAM) has a few Texas events coming up and are in great need of dental hygienists. Check out the RAM website and volunteer recruitment page for more details.

Austin only – We have a local community event coming up at the Palmer Events Center on August 7th 8-12pm. Click the button below to sign up!


Melissa Chagollán Vetter, RDH

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