January CE: On the Tip of My Tongue

Course Title: On the tip of my Tongue:  Differential Diagnosis for Tongue Lesions

Short Course Description (50 words or less): A part of a complete oral exam is the study of the tongue. It is intrinsically related to the health of the individual and its alterations can reflect changes in the health of our patients.

Early recognition of oral signs and symptoms plays a crucial role in providing patients with better treatment and prognosis. 

Course Objectives: 

  1. Identify pathologies associated with benign and malignant tongue lesions
  2. Classify and create a decision tree for tongue pathologies
  3. Apply the provided knowledge when establishing differential diagnoses for benign and malignant tongue pathologies
  4. Develop a system to effectively communicate the occurrence of tongue lesions among the dental team.
  5. Interpret the clinical signs of the pathologies associated with malignant tongue lesions.

Andreina Sucre B., RDH

International Dentist, Oral Pathology and Oral Surgery Specialist

Andreina Sucre, RDH, International Dentist, Oral Pathology and Oral Surgery Specialist, is a full time Dental Hygienist at a private practice in South Florida. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela where she earned her dental degree in 2002 from Universidad Santa Maria. In December 2005, she earned her certificate and specialization’s degree in Oral Pathology & Oral Surgery from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, School of Dentistry in Bogota, Colombia. In 2016 she moved to the States and in 2019 she began her process to earn her Dental Hygienist License in Florida. She has written articles about how stress is a main factor in the development of periodontal disease, and her dissertation about the preservation of Salivary IgA (S-IgA)  using protease inhibitors. She is very outspoken about the importance of early education and prevention in dental care, and in her free time she likes to go to public schools and speak to non native English speaking kids about oral health. Also she enjoys being involved in her community and volunteers in oral screening campaigns.

Seminar Information: 

Date: Thursday, January 12, 2023

Location: GADHA Zoom Webinar platform 

Time: 6:30 PM Membership Meeting; 7:00 PM CE Event

CE units – 1.5

Cost to attendees: ADHA members are free!

Guests donate $25 to TexHyPAC

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