May CE

TMJD & Headaches: A Jaw Muscle Review
with Katie Pudhorodsky, LMT

Course Title: 

Jaw Muscle Review Relating to TMJD & Headaches

Short Course Description: 

Improve your patient care by recognizing that trigger points in the facial muscles of your patients can cause pain and movement dysfunction. The course introduces trigger points in neck and facial muscles, what they are, how they present in a patient, and how this knowledge applies in the dental field. 

Course Objectives:

  • Identify how trigger points can present in a patient’s craniofacial area.
  • Learn how to read a trigger point image.
  • Learn six muscles of the neck and jaw and the corresponding trigger points where patients will report pain.
  • Understand the importance of soft tissue prehab for your patients.
  • Understand how trigger points affect occlusion.
  • Take away resources for patients who have soft tissue pain

Speaker Name: Katie Pudhorodsky, LMT
Short Bio: 
For over 20 years, Katie Pudhorodsky has been a massage therapist in private practice, in the classroom, and now as an online educator. At Katie Massage her unique specialty is treating people with head, neck, and jaw pain or dysfunction. She refers with dentists, ENTs and myofunctional therapists. 
Her passion for educating people experiencing craniofacial pain grew into two online video courses, including Self Help to Relieve Head, Neck & Jaw Pain at Help Head Pain. These courses give actionable steps for learners including massage, stretching, stabilization, habits to address, and the role of proper tongue placement. 
Katie is always happy to talk about chickens or what she just harvested from the family’s plot at her neighborhood community garden.
Instagram: Help_Head_Pain

Seminar Information: 

Date: Thursday, May 18, 2023 (amenable to change to suit your schedule but we prefer Thursdays)

Location: GADHA Zoom Webinar platform 

Time: 6:30 PM Membership Meeting; 7:00 PM Lecture start

CE units – 1.0
Cost to attendees: Free – $25

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