President’s Message

img-4009_1Thank you for your confidence in electing me to the position of President of Greater Austin Dental Hygienists’ Association for the 2018-19 year of service. I hope to represent the hygienists of Austin and their needs and values in a true and authentic way. Austin is a city that encompasses conservative and liberal views, with room and respect for all variations thereof, and I want the Association to represent and reflect that. Therefore, I encourage you all to email or contact me with any queries or concerns you might have, in as timely a manner as possible. Your opinion and experience as a hygienist in the Greater Austin area matters to me, and adds to the strength of GADHA.

This year, my main goals for the Association are Outreach to both the community and to hygienists, and Volunteerism. I believe we can achieve these goals by hosting fun and interactive fundraisers, so that we can afford the supplies needed to attend Community Health Fairs and AISD events, while also bolstering and confirming the bonds that draw us together as hygienists. I hope to enter into mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations representing dental professionals, so that we can reach more and varied populations and support them with knowledge and our particular skillsets. Overall, my personal goal is to have as much fun as possible while pursuing and achieving the goal of reaching as many needful residents of the Greater Austin area as possible, through the combined efforts of as many invested hygienists as possible.

I look forward to this coming year of service and dedication, and resolve to keep in mind that you, the hygienists of the Greater Austin area, are the reason that I’m in the position to help represent and grow our Association. I thank you for your belief in my abilities, and your trust that I will represent you in a manner that’s professional and authentic.

With respectful regards,
Kym Whitehead
GADHA President 2018-19