GADHA Policy & Procedure Manual

March 2020




This manual shall in no way conflict with information contained in the Bylaws of the Greater Austin Dental Hygienists’ Association.  Its sole purpose is to define and explain the policies and procedures, which through custom and usage, have been found practical and ethical.  Those policies which state “shall” are to be interpreted as requiring strict compliance.  Those policies which state “may” are worthy of consideration.

Because the contents of this manual have been approved by the GADHA Board of Directors (BOD), manual revisions shall require a two-third (2/3) affirmative vote of the GADHA BOD. At any time, the BOD or the general membership, with two-third affirmative vote, may give further directions to officers and committees.





It is the duty of each officer and chairperson to direct his/her office or committee in a manner that the goals established for that particular year may be accomplished with success.  Below is a list of basic guidelines that will aid in operating a committee or office more smoothly.

    1. Duties for officers and committee chairpersons are stated in the GADHA Bylaws.
    2. Each committee chairperson shall submit a list of his/her committee members and goals to the GADHA President for approval as soon as they are prepared.
    3. Each officer and committee chairperson shall submit a budget request to the Budget and Finance Committee.
    4. In order to plan and implement the functions of the committee, meetings of a committee may be called as the chairperson deems necessary.  The President of GADHA serves as ex-officio member of all committees and shall be notified of these meetings.
    5. Each committee has a budget.  NON-BUDGETED EXPENSES must be approved by the Board of Directors.  All budgeted bills are to be sent with a reimbursement form and receipts directly to the ADDHS Treasurer for immediate payment.
    6. All money transactions must be reported to the Treasurer.  All cash collected at meetings or events shall have receipts and must go to the Treasurer for deposit.
    7. All GADHA business correspondence shall be copied to the President and answered promptly.
    8. Committee announcements, activities and reports will be published on the Society’s website by notifying the communication chairperson prior to the deadline.
    9. Committee chairs shall report activities of the committee to the Board of Directors and general membership on a regular basis through the website and/or monthly meetings.
    10. Committees may alter regular activities as they deem necessary.  The BOD shall be consulted regarding any new ideas on activities that are representative of GADHA.
    11. Committee chairpersons are encouraged to attend BOD meetings.
    12. Standing committees shall consider appointing a chairperson-elect to take over duties for the following year.
    13. Each committee chairperson shall keep a file of correspondence and information pertaining to his/her committee.  At the end of the year, the file shall be updated with only valuable informational material and returned to the President or newly appointed officer.
    14. Each officer and committee chairperson shall submit a written end of year report to the President of GADHA at the installation meeting in May or by May 31.
    15. Officers and committee chairs shall report to the GADHA communication chairperson any information of interest for publication on the website.
    16. Each officer and committee chairperson shall submit any policy and procedure changes she/he feels necessary to the President Elect before the April meeting.


  1. The chairperson shall select enough committee members to enable the committee to function well.  The committee may include new members and/or new graduates. 
  2. The committee chair shall make every effort to utilize the immediate past chairpersons as an ex-officio member of the committees. 
  3. All committee chairpersons shall consider appointing a chairperson-elect to take over duties for the following year.


  1. Meetings may be called by the chairperson or by any two members of the committee. Each member, including ex-officio members, must be notified.
  2. The committee must follow the instructions of the general assembly or BOD.
  3. If necessary, a committee may choose a secretary. Committee minutes go only to the committee members.
  4. A committee (not the chairperson) may allow non-committee members or advisors to appear at a meeting but they may not remain in the meeting after they have fulfilled their purposes unless the committee invites them to do so.
  5. All questions are put to vote or are resolved by general consensus.
  6. The chair is a voting member of the committee.
  7. A quorum consists of a majority of the members of the committee, excluding the President, who is an ex-officio member.
  8. The committee considers each resolution separately. The committee also votes to report to the assembly and may direct the chairperson or another member to report.
  9. The recommendations of the committee shall be presented to the general assembly, followed with the appropriate resolution for action. No second is necessary.
  10. The Secretary of GADHA shall furnish the committee chairperson a copy of any item referred to the committee.
  11. NOTE: These are general rules of conduct, subject to the Bylaws of ADDHS.  It states in Robert’s Rules of Order:

“How far the formalities of ordinary assemblies may be dispensed with to advantage is a question to be decided by the executive committee itself”.



  1. The GADHA President shall notify all officers and committee chairpersons when annual reports are due, usually by May 31.
  2. The report should be as brief as possible but include all vital information and activities of the year.
  3. The committee report shall be written in the third person and signed by the chairperson only.
  4. As a rule, committee reports are not dated. Reports should be signed “Respectfully submitted”.
  5. The committee report shall not be considered as a report of all its members. It is the committee’s report.
  6. Three copies of the report shall be made, distributing the original to the President, one to the Trustee, and retaining one for the committee files.
  7. Any resolutions or recommendations the committee makes shall be considered by the BOD.

NOTE:  See Sample Report- Section I, E of this manual.








Jane Doe, Chairman

Suzy Smith

Mary Jones





Either present resolutions, policy procedure changes, or state:

“This report is informational and includes no resolutions.”


Name a recommendation if the committee has one.



A resolution is a written statement of an action to be taken.  If a committee wishes to recommend certain action, it may be presented in resolution form at the end of the report.  All resolutions must be submitted on an GADHA Resolution Form that includes the date, justification statement, and name of the maker of the resolution.

The simple form is:

“Be it resolved, that the GADHA…….”

A resolution may or may not have a preamble.  The preamble is the introduction to the resolution and begins with the word “whereas”.  “Whereas” means “in view of the fact”, or “in as much as” and there may be as many paragraphs beginning with the word “whereas” as necessary to outline the principle points as to why the resolution(s) is presented.

The preamble is followed by the word “resolved” which precedes the statement of action to be taken.  There may be as many paragraphs beginning with the word “resolved” as necessary to complete the proposition.


Whereas, the club is interested in the cleanliness, beauty, and health of our city; and

Whereas, this is a matter that should receive the support of every citizen; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the GADHA support the existing anti-litter laws of our city.

Resolved, that we…..

Resolved, that a copy be sent to the Mayor.

Any other information needed on this subject may be found in ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER.





Board of Directors



  1. Shall call an official board meeting as necessary to discuss and implement the society’s activities.
  2. Shall preside at the regular monthly meetings and Board of Director meetings.
  3. Shall represent GADHA in an official capacity at other functions when appropriate.
  4. Shall coordinate the activities of all other officers and committees for most efficient and productive achievement of GADHA’s goals.
  5. Shall give advice and aid as needed to each officer and committee chairperson in achieving optimum results in his/her duties.
  6. Shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees.
  7. Shall serve as co-signer of all bank accounts.
  8. Shall appoint committee chairpersons and fill any committee chair vacancy or vacancies.
  9. Shall study the GADHA Policy and Procedure Manual and Bylaws.
  10. May write President’s message for the web page.
  11. Shall prepare agendas for BOD and monthly meeting.
  12. Shall purchase TDHA President’s gift to give at meeting of her/his visit, within the GADHA allowed budget.
  13. Shall activate electronic communication when necessary.
  14. Shall compile file of Office of President to include agendas and minutes of meetings, roster of committee chairs and annual reports of respective committees, correspondence, etc. to be passed on to the next President.


  1. Shall succeed to the office of President without other election at the installation meeting in May.
  2. Shall maintain liaison with the Capitol Area Dental Society.
  3. Shall serve as liaison to the TDHA Bylaws Committee.
  4. Shall succeed to the office of President in the event of a vacancy as provided in our Bylaws.
  5. Shall be in charge of the Policy and Procedure Manual revision and see that a copy of the revisions goes into the permanent file.
    a. Shall make notes of policy and procedure changes throughout the year.
    b. Shall notify those chairpersons who need to be informed of any changes affecting their duties during the year.
    c. Shall compile the revision suggestions and submit in written form to the Board of Directors at the summer planning meeting.  Revised pages shall be added and made ready for new officers and committee chairs at the second planning meeting during the summer.  EACH NEW OFFICER AND COMMITTEE CHAIR SHALL RECEIVE THE BYLAWS AND POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL AT THE FIRST PLANNING MEETING.
  6. Shall choose an installing officer and assist in planning the installation with the Vice President. Shall be prepared to deliver a brief President’s address and adjourn the meeting.
  7. Shall become familiar with parliamentary procedure.
  8. May begin committee chair selection as early as the March meeting.
  9. Shall assist the President as needed.



  1. Shall be the Continuing Education Chair for programs sponsored by GADHA.
  2. Shall plan continuing education and/or work with a continuing education company such as Omega Seminars to plan continuing education courses and dates in Austin in the Spring and in the Fall.
  3. Shall plan courses in accordance with TDHA guidelines for continuing education.
  4. Shall be responsible for continuing education credits and certificates for the monthly meetings.
  5. For GADHA monthly meetings, the Chair shall:
    a. Coordinate arrangements for speakers and place of monthly meetings.
    b. Obtain and keep a copy of the speaker’s vita and course outline.
         c. Keep a copy of  all forms in the Vice President’s file.
         d. Provide courses of a minimum of one hour.
    c. Provide each participant with an evaluation/critique form.  Participants who do not fill out a critique or evaluation form will not receive GADHA Continuing Education Certificate.
    d. Charge non-members requesting CE credit a fee set by the Board of Directors.
    e. Contact Treasurer prior to the meeting if expenses will be incurred for the program speaker.
    f. Select educational speakers from professionally related fields.  The presentation must be scientific or technical as related to clinical care.
    g. Consider one meeting for utilization of legislative matter.
    h. Have one meeting devoted to the TDHA’s President’s visit.
    i. Have a meeting devoted to second year SCADHA members of ACC.  Consult with the liaison to ACC and ADHA Student Chapter Advisor at ACC as to the proper time for this meeting.
    j. Shall assist the President as needed.
    k. Shall preside at Board meetings and regular meetings in the absence of the President.



  1. Shall keep an accurate record of this Society’s business and special meetings and Board meetings.
  2. Shall read all correspondence which comes to the Secretary’s attention and answer correspondence at the request of the President.
  3. Shall keep and make copies of minutes of regular and special called meetings and of all Board meetings, including electronic sessions, keeping the original for the Secretary’s file.
  4. Shall keep minutes concise, consisting only of pertinent information, such as account figures, motions made and important committee information.
  5. Shall submit a report of all motions and Bylaws changes made throughout the year. This report shall be distributed to the President, President-Elect, and Bylaws and Policy and Procedures Manual Chair.
  6. Shall maintain the file of standing motions.
  7. Shall compile a file of motions to be passed on to the next Secretary.
  8. Shall assist the President as requested.
  9. Shall send thank you notes to all speakers following meetings.



  1.  Shall serve as custodian of all monies and securities belonging to the Association and to receive, disburse and hold the same.
  2.  Shall collect dues for the society, TDHA and ADHA from new and reinstated members.
  3. Shall report current balance at each business meeting (regular and BOD) and request any outstanding debts.
  4. Shall submit all name and address changes to TDHA Treasurer, GADHA Secretary, Web master, and GADHA Membership Chair.
  5. Shall maintain an accurate roster of ADDHS membership.
  6. Shall explain all forms to appropriate persons; (example—reimbursement forms). All receipts must be originals.
  7. Shall encourage officers and committee chairs to turn in expense statements as incurred and announce a deadline for all reimbursement requests at the last meeting of the year.
  8. Shall serve as Budget and Finance Chairman.
  9. Shall submit an end of the year financial report to the BOD for approval.
  10. Shall disburse money by check only.
  11. Shall, monthly:
    1. Balance checking and savings accounts and announce/ submit balances at the                                               monthly meetings and board meetings.
    2. Receive and reimburse expenses to officers and committee chairmen as necessary.
    3. Receive ADHA membership rosters updating names, addresses, and new                                                   members in the treasury files.
    4. Deposit checks for income to GADHA for monthly meeting income, ads on                                              website, fundraising, etc.
    5. Shall be aware of all money transactions that take place at any GADHA events and/or meetings.
  12. Shall assist the President as needed.
  13. Shall maintain and monitor 501 (c) (6) status.
  14. Shall monitor credit card possession, expenses and payments.
  15. Shall review signature authority.




  1. All receipts must be originals.
  2. If the above is not available, then a hand written receipt could be substituted at the BOD’s discretion. This is so that the full responsibility does not involve one person in case it is a large amount in question.
  3. The item or items of purchase should be circled or highlighted on the receipt if there are other purchases not “Association” related. The desire to be reimbursed for tax on these items must be noted.
  4. No reimbursement checks will be made out at the monthly meetings. This is so the Treasurer can also enjoy the program and so that no confusion occurs.  Prior arrangement can be made so that the check may be delivered at the meeting by prior arrangement with the Treasurer.
  5. All telephone expenses MUST be shown with an original receipt.


  1. Checks should be cashed within one month after receiving them.
  2. All reimbursement checks should be cashed by May 31 of each year.




  1.     Component Obligations:
    1. Shall attend GADHA meetings and serve as a member of the Board of Directors.
    2. Shall serve as advisor and liaison between TDHA and GADHA.
    3. Shall report on TDHA affairs at the regular monthly meetings.
    4. Shall submit a report of pertinent TDHA activities after each TDHA BOD meeting to the website chairman.
    5. Shall send names and addresses of elected delegates and alternate delegates to TDHA Secretary by the date set, so proper credentials can be issued for pre- registration of all delegates. 
  2. Shall arrange and conduct a delegate workshop for delegates and alternate delegates prior to TDHA Annual Session and hold a caucus during TDHA Annual Session.
  3. Shall make hotel arrangements for the delegates and alternate delegates for Annual Session prior to the deadline set by TDHA (to qualify for the the TDHA meeting rate).
  4. TDHA Obligations:
    1. Shall attend all meetings of TDHA Board of Directors throughout the year and                                                      report on GADHA’s component activities.
    2. Shall attend the TDHA Annual Session HOD and all reference committee hearings.
    3. Shall chair or serve on a council as requested by the TDHA President.
    4. Shall attend TDHA Strategic Planning.
    5. Shall submit an annual report of the GADHA component and upload to the TDHA Sharefile prior to TDHA Pre-Annual Session BOD and/or send the report to the TDHA Secretary by email to be included in the Pre-Annual Session BOD packet and the Annual Session packet
    6. Shall have served as a delegate to TDHA Annual Session HOD prior to taking office.
    7. Shall serve as liaison to TEX HY-PAC and ADHA Institute for Oral Health.



In 1978, the TDHA voted to support the formation of Texas Dental Hygienists’ Political Action Committee (TEX HY-PAC). Its purpose is to encourage dental hygienists another interested persons to inform legislators of current dental hygiene issues. This voluntary, non-profit committee supports the goals of TDHA, but operates independently and autonomously. TEX HY-PAC is not affiliated with any one political party but supports candidates who have demonstrated an interest in excellence in dental hygiene.

  1. Trustee shall keep a record (donation form) of proceeds to TEX HY-PAC collected at regular monthly meetings, continuing education courses sponsored by the Society and TEX HY-PAC fundraisers organized by the Society.   Trustee shall send the donations and form to the TEX HY-PAC Treasurer in a timely manner and keep a copy for GADHA records.  The documentation shall include contributors’ names, addresses and amounts of the contributions.
  2.  Trustee shall keep a record (donation form) of proceeds to the Institute for Oral Health (IOH) collected at regular monthly meetings, continuing education courses sponsored by the Association and IOH fundraisers organized by the Association.  Trustee shall send the donations to TDHA IOH Chair or ADHA Institute for Oral Health, 444 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 3400, Chicago, IL  60611.
  3. Trustee shall keep a record of additional donations made to IOH by members of GADHA.  Trustee shall ask members of the Association to provide a copy of their receipts of donations to the IOH.  These donation totals can also be used towards the Austin component goal as set by TDHA each year.
  4. Shall assume responsibilities assigned by the GADHA President and/or TDHA.



  1. Shall serve as the chair of Nominating Committee.
  2. Shall serve as the chair of Scholarship Committee.
  3. Shall serve in an advisory capacity to the BOD.



  1. The TDHA Trustee will be notified by the TDHA Treasurer of the number of delegates and alternates to the TDHA Annual Session to which GADHA is entitled (see TDHA Bylaws).
  2. The TDHA Trustee shall send the names and addresses of the elected delegates and                       alternate delegates to the TDHA Secretary by the date set by TDHA’s Board of                       Directors, so proper credentials can be issued for pre-registration of all delegates.
  3. Election of Delegates:
    1. The President and President Elect shall automatically be delegates unless they                               serve on the TDHA BOD.
    2. Nominations for delegates will be accepted from the floor at the March meeting.
    3. At the April meeting, additional nominations may be made from the floor, and                         voting will be by ballot.  The specified number of candidates receiving the most votes will become delegates while those with the next highest number of votes will become alternate delegates.
    4. Delegates will attend all sessions of the TDHA House of Delegates and be seated on time.  In the event attendance of a delegate is impossible, the Trustee is responsible for seating an alternate delegate.
    5. Before Annual Session, a meeting will be held concerning subjects that will be before the HOD. This meeting is also an orientation for first time delegates.  All delegates and alternates should attend.
    6. Funding for each delegate and alternate is to be determined by the Association and availability of funds in the Budget.
  4. The membership may also allow funding for a TDHA and/or ADHA officer                                representing this Association by the procedures covered above.
  5. In the event that a delegate or alternate is unable to attend Annual Session after the                                      registration fee is paid by the Association, he/she must refund the money to GADHA.
  6. The TDHA Trustee makes assignments for attending functions such as workshops.                                     Delegates and alternates are expected to attend all reference hearings and forums.
  7. Delegates must review and be familiar with the HOD packet, including the Convention Rules of TDHA.
  8. First time delegates must attend the Parliamentary Procedures Orientation at TDHA                                Annual Session.






  1. Shall contact the TDHA Bylaws chairman to check changes in the TDHA Bylaws.
  2. Shall keep abreast of changes in ADHA Bylaws.
  3. Shall ask the Board of Directors for any suggestions they deem necessary in GADHA                          policies.
  4. Shall review the GADHA Bylaws and formulate any necessary amendments.
  5. Shall send a corrected copy to TDHA Bylaws committee for approval.
  6. Shall review the Policy and Procedure Manual to insure concurrence of the manual with the GADHA Bylaws.
  7. Shall submit a proposed budget to Budget and Finance Committee.

NOTE:  The By-laws shall be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote provided that a copy of the proposed amendment(s) has been published for members at least one publication prior to the meeting of the Association.


  1. The Board of Directors must approve any community projects being considered.
  2. Shall plan and administer dental health educational projects and report to the BOD.
  3. Shall establish and maintain a relationship with health agencies and dental groups                              interested in the improvement of the health of the public.
  4. Shall serve as custodian of the dental health library and make any improvements or                                             additions as are necessary.  The following rules shall be adhered to for checking materials out:
    1. All materials must be signed for.
    2. The date the materials are needed and will be returned must be recorded.
    3. The materials must be checked out and returned to the library.
    4. All materials lost or destroyed must be replaced by the person who checked out materials.
    5. Chair shall serve as liaison to TDHA’s Public Affairs Council.
    6. Chair shall submit a proposed budget to the Budget and Finance Committee.
    7. Chair shall submit a Sealants Across Texas Report to TDHA’s Public Affairs Council.


  1. Shall keep abreast of any legislative action which could affect GADHA members and                                  keep them informed through the website and announcements.
  2. Shall obtain a voter’s guide from League of Women’s Voters. (October).
  3. May form liaisons with state representatives and senators sympathetic to TDHA goals.
  4. May solicit volunteers to work in campaigns for legislators working for our causes who have an opponent in the election.
  5. Shall follow the advice of the TDHA Governmental Affairs Council and TDHA                                 Lobbyist.
  6. Shall aid the TDHA Trustee in organizing delegate caucuses as necessary at the TDHA Annual Session in cooperation with the President.
  7. Shall serve on the TDHA Governmental Affairs Council.
  8. Shall submit a proposed budget to the Budget and Finance Committee.


  1. Shall refer to the GADHA Bylaws for classifications of membership.
  2. Shall work as liaison between GADHA membership and TDHA Member Services                              Council.  May attend  meetings of TDHA Member Services Council.
  3. Shall refer to the TDHA Membership Manual as needed.
  4. Shall review and update the TDHA Membership Manual as needed.
  5. Shall utilize the GADHA roster as a complete membership list and update as needed.
  6. Shall encourage attendance at meetings by giving members the responsibility for inviting and bringing prospective and new members and introducing them.
  7. May include a membership application form on the website.
  8. Shall serve as hostesses and welcome persons at each meeting.
  9. Shall utilize a guest book or sign-up sheet at all monthly meetings and functions.  This list can be utilized as a follow-up after the meeting by calling new and prospective members and encouraging them to come to the next function.
  10. Shall provide name tags and/or badges at all meetings.
  11. Shall have membership application forms available at each meeting or function.
  12.  The chair shall recognize new members at the monthly meeting.  The Chair may present new members with a small gift of recognition.
  13. The Chair shall distribute names of new members to the Treasurer.
  14. May work with the Austin Community College ADHA Student Chapter Liaison.
  15. Shall send a congratulatory letter (on GADHA letterhead) to recent graduates residing within the Austin component boundaries (refer to the TDHA Membership manual for samples).
  16. Shall send “Welcome” letter to new members as needed (refer to the TDHA Membership Manual for samples.)
  17.  Shall send potential member packets to RDHs requesting membership information (refer to the TDHA Membership Manual for samples).
  18. Shall encourage potential members to register or renew their membership online at                                     However, any completed membership applications received with checks or credit card billing information should be forwarded to ADHA.
  19. Shall contact graduates, non reinstated members or prospective members by phone or email as a follow-up to letters sent.  Committee may utilize a survey or questionnaire to gather information on non- renewing members.
  20. Chair shall develop a telephone tree or e-mail system in cooperation with the legislative chair.
  21. Chair shall compile a membership directory or roster.
  22. Chair shall assist the President as needed.
  23. Chair shall submit a proposed budget to Budget and Finance Committee.
  24. Chair shall be in charge of electronic communication system, including electronic                                               invitations to meetings.
  25. Chair shall be responsible for notifying members in August, informing them of the                                              monthly meetings, location of meetings and any legislative issues.



  1. Shall serve as liaison to ADHA Student Chapter members at the Austin Community College dental hygiene program.
  2. Shall work with the GADHA membership chair on the mentorship system, if                                      applicable.
  3. Shall work with the GADHA Vice President on planning a meeting or function to honor the graduating class of ACC dental hygiene program.
  4. May provide care packages for senior dental hygiene students prior to their National Board exam.
  5. May write articles or post information regarding the dental hygiene students and/or the program for GADHA website.
  6. Chair shall submit a proposed budget to Budget and Finance Committee.



  1. The Immediate Past President shall serve as the chairperson.
  2. Selection of officer nominees:
    1. The chairperson shall ask for members who are interested in holding an office or chairing a committee for the following year.
    2. The chairman shall contact prospective candidates to find their specific interests.
    3. The nominating committee shall verify the eligibility of each candidate and contact by telephone to confirm their acceptance of a candidacy.
    4. The committee shall present a proposed slate of officers and delegates in March. Nominations from the floor shall be in order.
    5. The committee shall present the slate of officers and delegates at the April meeting for election. Nominations from the floor may still be accepted.
  3. The chair shall appoint and chair a tellers committee to count the votes at the April                              meeting.
  4. The chair shall be responsible for providing paper for ballots and pens at the April                                               election.
  5. The chair shall submit a proposed budget to Budget and Finance Committee.



  1. The Treasurer shall serve as the chairman of this committee.
  2. The President shall serve as a member of this committee.
  4. Shall meet after the first summer planning meeting and prior to the first regular                                         (September) meeting of the Association.
  5. Shall carefully consider the officer and committee budget requests to form a budget for the Association.
  6. Shall have the year’s budget to present to the Board of Directors for approval by the first regular meeting of the Association.
  7. Shall prepare a proposed budget for this committee.



  1. The Immediate Past President shall serve as the chair of the committee.
  2. The chairperson shall
    1. Inform Austin Community College Dental Hygiene students of the scholarship(s) available.
    2. Provide applications to the interested and qualified students.
    3. Meet in December with the committee to determine the scholarship recipient(s).
    4. Be responsible for a function honoring the recipient(s) and awarding the                                                 scholarship(s).
    5. Submit a proposed budget to Budget and Finance Committee.NOTE:  Scholarship recipient(s) must be approved by the Board.



  1. The webmistress/webmaster shall be the chair of this committee. The chair of the Membership Committee shall be a member of this committee.
  2. The webmistress/webmaster shall maintain the Association website to include posting of the information approved by the President.