ADHA Student Chapter LIAISONS

Your ADHA Student Chapter Liaisons are your bridge to the professional world. Melissa can answer any questions you may have about SCADHA, GADHA, TDHA, and ADHA memberships. She will help you fundraise, connect, find mentors and answers to all your questions.

Melissa Vetter, RDH

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How can my class find fundraising opportunities? 
To learn more about fundraising opportunities, contact your Student Chapter Liaisons to learn how to set up a table at one of our GADHA meetings and CE events.

How do I transfer my student membership to a professional membership? 
Log in to your ADHA account and enter your newly issued dental hygiene license number to upgrade your account. Your renewal date remains the same.

Why should I transfer my ADHA Student Chapter membership to an ADHA Professional membership?
An ADHA professional membership offers networking opportunities, insurance plans, employment assistance, job security, and discounts on continuing education courses.

After I get my license, how do I network?
Attending your local component meetings are key to keeping in touch and up to date with other local hygienists. In addition, you may want to save time in your soon-to-be working schedule to attend our TDHA annual session which usually falls at the beginning of each year.

How can I find employment after I get my license?
Employment assistance is available for all ADHA members such as state employment referral services, national classified advertising, and employment reference materials. We also work with temp agencies throughout the lecture series to have them sponsor our events and provide resume workshops. As a member, you can also post your resume on our Employment page for free!

Why should I care what our profession does legislatively? 
ADHA’s legislative efforts monitor and impact government activities that influence the practice of dental hygiene and protect your role as a provider of oral health care. Changes could affect your scope of practice and in order for you to voice your opinion on such matters, it’s important to attend your local component meetings.