Continuing Education

As deemed by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE), the Greater Austin Dental Hygienists’ Association (GADHA) is an approved continuing education course provider. Hygienists are required to attend AT LEAST twelve (12) hours of CE in person biennially. The coursework must be technical or scientific and directly enhance the patient’s treatment. Hygienists can take UP TO eight (8) hours of risk management courses and UP TO twelve (12) self-study courses, biennially. Basic CPR classes, OSHA Classes, Practice finance, and Jurisprudence does NOT count.

If audited, you must have a total of 24 CEUs biennially and you can save up to 24 hours of classroom/lecture CEUs to be used within one year immediately preceding the renewal year.

GADHA provides on average 10-12 CEUs in classroom/lecture format per year between September and May, while also promoting state-wide traveling CEUs. CE lectures are on average between 1.5 and 2 CEUs.

To find details on upcoming CE lectures, visit our continuing education page 


GADHA participates in numerous health fairs, volunteer events, and coordinates with other nonprofits to provide clinical services and oral health education to communities in the greater Austin area. Aside from promoting year-round volunteer opportunities, GADHA is happy to partner with community clinics such as Samaritan Health Clinic for quarterly volunteer events.

As part of our mission, one of GADHA’s main goals is to increase awareness of the cost-effective benefits of prevention and to promote the highest standards of dental hygiene education to those in our community.

To find details on our year-round volunteer opportunities, coordinated events, and health fair participations, visit our Community page.

Hygiene Socials

Hygiene social is a new addition to our events calendar. We are introducing sponsored get togethers where we can ditch the scrubs, and let down the ponytail for a couple hours to get to know one another, mingle, enjoy each other’s company, participate in raffles, door prizes and of course enjoy a few cocktails! We will be coordinating these functions with donation deadlines to specified nonprofits, food pantries, and donation centers for marginalized groups.

To find details on our hygiene social events, visit the Hygiene Social page.