TDHA 2020 Board meeting wrap up

Hi all! We had a busy board meeting this week which wrapped up our 2020 meeting schedule. I want everyone to know a few items that came up and thought that since we’ve transitioned into a virtual platform for our meetings, it might be best to provide this information electronically as well.

TDHA positions available:

Membership Director, Secretary, and Speaker of the House

If you are interested in any of these positions, let me know! And you may also be interested in attending the ADHA leadership summit on January 15-16.

We are moving forward with a local anesthesia bill and a teledentistry bill. We are working with other associations to make sure everyone is on the same page and have some hopes to be on a unified front with them. However, since the uncertainty of our Texas congress’s session and how things will be completed this year due to the global pandemic, we must stay on course with our grassroots efforts and stay connected with our legislators. House and Senate Bill numbers will be announced as soon as possible so you can begin writing and encouraging your representatives to vote in the affirmative.

HOD is upon us so please send all Proposed Bylaw changes, suggestions, edits, and Proposed Resolutions to me here.

General Updates: click on the image for more info, if available

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